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About Literature / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Vincent St.Germaine27/Male/United States Groups :iconthe-clynn-house: The-Clynn-House
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Loud House fic - Sleeping Like A Loud
Premise: Lincoln is depressed when Lisa leaves for a few days and thinks the sisters don't trust him with Lily.
 Night time at the Loud house, the siblings had gotten done with their pre-bed routine, and walked off to their respective bedrooms. But before Lincoln entered his own, he looked behind himself to see his sisters go into their own. Lincoln was starting to feel a little down as he went in and grabbed one of his comic books and jumped on his bed.
Lincoln: (to viewer) You ever feel a little lonely at night? Lately, I've been feeling that way, having my own room may have it's perks, but knowing that I'm the only one in the house with his own room sometimes makes me feel a little depressed. Sometimes I just want to spend one night with my sisters, but I doubt they'll be up for it, and I definitely don't want to put up with Lynn's habits when I'm trying to sleep again. Lori did say that when she goes to college, I can have her half of her room to keep L
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 5 2
Loud House fic - Size Matters
Premise: Lynn's world falls apart after finding out that Lincoln is taller than her. Note: Pretend this is set after One Angry Person and imagine Lucy's eyes are shown.
 At the Loud house, the family is standing by a wall.
Lincoln: (to viewer) My family maybe insane, but there's one tradition that we do share with most normal families: the family height chart.
Rita: Okay kids, we got the markers, is everyone ready?
Lana: Yeah, let's hurry, I haven't been in mud for over a half hour!
Lynn: Let's just get this over with, I have a million things better to do than this. - Lynn was not happy about this one bit, as Lincoln was looking at her with concern.
Lincoln: Are you okay, Lynn?
Lynn: No, I'm not! I'm only a year younger than Luan, but I'm not that near her in height. I'm two years older than you, but we're always looking at each other eye to eye. I feel like I may never be like a basketball star
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 16 8
Valentine from mom :iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 1 1
Loud House fic - Mixed up
Premise: When Lincoln finds out that Clyde and Lynn are in love with each other, he doesn't know how to feel about it, making Lola think he doesn't approve.
 Morning at the Loud House, in the kitchen:
Lincoln: Sweet, there's still two toaster puffs.
 Lincoln turns around, startled to find Lynn there.
Lynn: You go ahead, little bro, I'll just have something else.
Lincoln: Um, thanks.
 Lincoln was so confused at what she had said, as he turned to put the pastry into the toaster.
Lincoln: (to veiwer) Lynn's been acting so strange lately, she's never been this nice. She would usually wrestle me to the ground for the last puff. - But he then got a surprise as Lynn had grabbed him. He had expected to be suplexed. - Spoke too soon! -But then, he was even more surprised to get a kiss on the back of the head from her.
Lynn: Have a wonderful day.
 She walked away
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 11 4
Loud House fic - House of Lincoln
Premise: Lincoln's sisters become jealous when he uses Lisa's cloning machine to copy them his his interests.
 At the Loud house, Lincoln is coming in though the back door exhausted. He makes his way to the living room, grabs a game controller and flops onto the couch. Lynn comes in.
Lynn: Come on, Lincoln. I haven't even STARTED having fun yet!
Lincoln: Sorry, Lynn, but I'm exhausted. A combination of baseball and football really takes it out of me. But, if you still wanna play with me, we could just sit back and play Brawl Masters together.
Lynn: Why do it the lazy way when we could brawl for real?
 Lynn walks off, leaving Lincoln to mope.
Lincoln: (to viewer) I may never be short on company, but I can still get lonely at times just for the fact that nobody shares my interests. I'm always doing what my sisters like to do with them, but they never do what I want. I feel like I should take whatever opportunity I ca
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 27 11
Loud House fic - Loud, Loud West
Premise: Leni introduces her family to her new boyfriend, Kenny Dodgers, and they accept him almost immediately. All except Lori, who was almost completely aware of his reputation as the toughest guy in their high school.
 At the Loud house. Lori is on the couch with Lincoln and Lily, talking to Bobby over her phone, as usual.
Lori: So how about this Saturday? Okay, see you later, Boo Boo Bear.
Lincoln: (to viewer) Lori surprises me sometimes, she just invited Bobby over for a movie night, and asked him to bring Ronnie Anne to make it a double date.
Leni: Hey guys, I hope you don't mind a little company, cus I invited my new boyfriend over for tomorrow.
Lincoln: Leni, we're never short of company in this hou- wait, what?
 Lincoln and Lori looked at Leni in surprise, all the other sisters popped up all over the room after hearing that.
Luna: You have a boyfriend, Leni?
Leni: Yeah, we've been
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 9 6
Loud House OC - Kenny Dodgers

Kenny Dodgers, the Bully Puncher

Main character OC
Age: 18
Signature color: brown
School status: Anti-bully
Family: Capt. Martin Dodgers (Father) & Mira 'the Harmonious' (mother)
Personality: Fun, caring, tough, determined, loyal, generous, moderately sensitive.
Likes: Friends, family, being among the Louds, cowboys, Japanese culture, anime, tokusatsu, video games, comics, English comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, building blocks, going out with Leni.
Dislikes: Bullies, oppression, selfishness.
Skills: Sharpshooting, hand-to-hand combat, driving, acoustic guitar playing, acrobatics, cooking.
One of the Boys counterpart: Kendra, very spunky and tomboyish.Favorite comic book: HeckManBio: Kenny Dodgers is the son of a dance instructor and a civil defense captain, he lives the upper middle class life so he hardly ever worries about money, but still mindful about how he spends it. He hates when people are being oppressed and will do anyth
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 8 5
Loud House fic - One Angry Person
Premise: The antics of the sisters finally makes Lincoln snap, and one hard slap by Lori makes him stop caring about them all together and start thinking only of himself.
 The sun rises over the Loud home, Lincoln wakes up, all groggy, and gets dressed for the day ahead.
Lincoln to viewer: (yawns) The start of a new day, of misery. With a family like this, it's hard to stay positive, especially when you're the one trying to maintain the peace. But, I still manage to hold on to my patience, no matter how much torture I seem to get.
 Lincoln finishes getting dressed and heads to the bathroom, but upon getting there, he finds the door is locked.
Lincoln: Oi, Lori, are you in there?
Lori: What's it to you?
Lincoln: I hope you're not just hogging it just to put on your makeup again.
Lori: Beat it, twerp, I've got a very important date with Bobby today!
Lincoln: (Feeling irritated) Fortunately, I don't need to go that bad
:iconvincent-starman:Vincent-Starman 43 19
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Vincent St.Germaine
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm an autistic gamer that loves mostly kid stuff. If you love my fanfics, I'm open to requests, but I may want to negotiate the plot.

Current Residence: The Mushroom Kingdom
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  • Eating: Goldfixh crackers
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

I'm writing a Loud House fanfic that involves the sister as their Ace Savvy alias's from Deuces Wild and I really want to give on to Lily. The problem is poker is as foreign to me as football, so I can't figure out a clever name for her. Any suggestion?


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